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Come Visit ViewSPORT with Me

I’ve spent my summer outside where using a laptop is not always convenient. I have also spent it with my kids, though they are all adults now. We may not have headed off on a big vacation but we have had a good time. Consequently, despite my best attempts – even downloading a WordPress app to my smartphone – blog posts have been sporadic at best. That’s over soon as fall is coming. I will celebrate the last big event of the summer on August 31st when my son Andrew and his fiancée Lydia get married.

ViewSPORT is a company I follow on Twitter. From their own website, they are “an innovative fitness apparel line.” As the wearer sweats a design is revealed. I sweat so I have always been intrigued by this concept. When @ViewSPORT tweeted they were looking for bloggers, I jumped right in and asked what I could help them with.

Today you will find an older post of my on the ViewSPORT blog. Just to give some perspective, the blog was written in the fall of 2009. I had not ever run even a 5K at that point in time. I still find that the camaraderie of runners is the one thing that I love most – despite really wanted the health benefits more than the social aspects – about running.

To help me celebrate my post on ViewSPORT, they are offering you, my readers, a discount. You can use the discount code “viewsport” to save 15% on most of their tanks and shirts. Check out one like this one.

Photo courtesy of ViewSPORT

I did not receive any compensation for pairing up with ViewSPORT.

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