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Ten Things I Love About Running

Back in December I did a “Why I Run” piece for Another Mother Runner. Now here I am with a top ten list of what I love about running. This one comes from those wonderful runners at #runchat

10. I love that running gets me outside, even in the winter.

I use to be an outdoors person. I would hike and camp. I loved being in the Adirondacks or any area to hike. Then, I had children. Being in the back yard with a plastic kiddie pool is just not the same as finding a lake to swim. Now, though, winter or summer, spring or fall I am outside because of running.

9. I love running because it makes everyone equal.

Okay… I admit I am not the fastest person around and do not finish at the top of even my age group. Running, though, puts me in a group of people who are all trying to better their own personal times. I do not need to compete against that 20 year old who runs a 4 minute mile when racing a 5K. I can run my 5K and just try to be me.

8. I love running because of the example it lets me set.

I truly believe that parents do more than teach children morals and values. Parents teach children by what they do, in addition to what words may come out of their mouths. By running, and showing that health and activity are important to me, I set an example for my children.

7. I love that running helps me maintain my weight.

If you have followed my blog for long, you know I am on a journey to a healthy lifestyle. Running has become a huge part of that journey. Along with making me eat more healthily, running helps with my weight control. (You may want to check out Healthy Lifestyle Journey Part I and Part II.)

6. I love that running lets me listen to music.

When you are a mom to six kids – even once the kids are adults, the music being played is frequently not what I would pick. I do, occasionally, put my foot down in the car with my “I’m the driver so I get to choose the music.” When I load up my mp3 player with running music, the music is all me. A recent four miler found me, in mid-February, listening to Christmas tunes still. That would not have been a good thing as far as the kids are concerned. A sampling of the artists included Amy Grant, Avenge Sevenfold, Brad Paisley, Martina McBride, Deni Bonet, and The Kinks to name a few.

5. I love that running allows me to help others.

While not a long time runner, I have helped several people to start running. I have run “first races” with many friends. I love being able to help others and running allows me another way to do so.

4. I love the camaraderie of running.

Before I considered myself a runner, before I ever ran my first race, I wrote about the camaraderie of running. To this day, the helpfulness of others – whether on a group run or in a race – still makes me keep coming back to running.

3. I love the sweat of running.

I admit it. I am a sweater. I know that some say women don’t sweat, they glisten. I have news for those people. I sweat! No two ways about it. I love to get out in 75F with high humidity and sweat or in 32F and sweat. It does not matter to me how far I have run as long as I have gotten sweaty.

2. I love the health aspect of running.

As I have told many people, I am not running to something. I am running away from the heredity my parents have tried to give me. Running has helped me keep many health issues that I am sure I would have inherited by now at bay. I will keep running and hopefully, keep those things not in my life.

1. I love the people I have met running.

Probably more than anything else, I love people. I am not one to go to a lot of parties. I do not like hanging out at bars. I do like to go to sporting events but don’t meet many people at those. I have, though, met a ton of people through running. Some of these people are “virtual” friends but I have also met a lot of local and not so local people who are also runners.

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