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No, this is not one of my existential-like posts on how the lows make the highs seem better.  Actually, I usually comment on those but haven’t written many.  There are some coming, though.  This is about actual, physical pain.

Earlier this week, my left hip started to hurt just a little on a run.  It was not a lengthy run – maybe six miles.  The pain was not bad and, by the next day, was totally gone.  Fast forward to Thursday, yesterday, and I head out for my longest training run to date.  I am running just under 13 miles in preparation for the half marathon I am running on March 14.

The first six miles go by at a good pace, just a bit over an hour.  I was happy with my pace and wondering if I could keep it going.  I had stopped just once along this six miles as a couple had yelled to me from their driveway.  They wanted me to be sure to not worry about their dogs – they have three and these dogs are big – as they are all on electronic, invisible fencing.  The female half also said the dogs wouldn’t hurt me but the biggest would probably knock me down.  She may have some eye issues as I don’t think that dog is big enough to knock me over, but who knows.

I turned down the next road to get the last half of the run in and the pain in my hip started to manifest itself.  I had also had some chafing issues earlier in the week but had taken care of those by purchasing some Body Glide.  So it was just the hip pain that bothered me.  It bothered me so much that I walked approximately two of the last four miles to try to alleviate it.  No such luck.

I managed to get my miles in but came home to true pain.  I had to go to the grocery still, after showering, and do some carting of #6 for drama rehearsal.  How was I going to make it through the night?  I didn’t take anything but did ice my hip.  It didn’t seem to help much.  Over the course of two hours, I had two beers before falling asleep a little after nine pm.  What a wuss!

Pain was still here this morning so I broke down.  A couple years ago #5 pulled a back muscle playing tennis.  We purchased a variety of different patches for him to try with a Thermacare one working best as it loosened him up for matches and practices.  I had a box of some of the rejects still in the bathroom.  I pulled out the Tiger Balm box.  I am not a big medicine person.  I do take allergy medication but that is about it.  I take ibuprofen so infrequently I can take just one and have the pain go away.  I read the box of Tiger Balm with interest.  Then, I slapped one on my hip.

I have had the patch on for about an  hour and, while the pain is not gone, walking is much easier.  This is truly a good thing as I have to drive to Ithaca today.

14 thoughts on “Pain

  1. TKW – I haven’t but a female runner friend said I should have prior to the run. Who’d of thought? I barely ever take drugs.

  2. I’m like you, never take anything, just put up with the pain most of the time. However, we do need to take care of ourselves, which is easy to forget!

    Take what you need and take care of you!

  3. I don’t like taking meds, and I’m used to living with low grade pain on a regular basis. But I have to say, that when it goes beyond “low-grade,” it sucks. Period.

    Do they make wraps that cover the entire body? 🙂 Oh, wait… that would be the alcohol cure, wouldn’t it. Damn. Don’t do that, either. Virtual shoe-shopping?

    (You guys and your running in that bitter cold. I don’t know how you do it.)

    1. It wasn’t all that cold Thursday – almost 30F. That is a heatwave comparatively speaking. 🙂

      I think virtual shoe shopping would work if I could have gotten comfy that night.

  4. Hey, Nicki. I’m not much of a medication person either. Rarely take anything when I have a cold, only turning to Advil when a headache lingers for a long time or a migraine fast approaches. HOWEVER…when it comes to running you shouldn’t be shy. Take the Ibuprofen. It’s not for pain relief it’s to help the swelling go down in your body. You need that. It will help your recovery. Use the ice, consistently, to help with the swelling also. And for God’s Sakes, don’t think of Tiger Balm as “breaking down.” During that 24-hour, 200-mile relay race the van stunk like Icy Hot…

    You gots to do what you gots to do for your poor muscles. Their just trying to keep up with the determination that’s in your mind!



    1. Sarah – I know what you are saying. Just have to come to terms with it. Thinking I may just go for a walk today, no run as recovery. Still a touch of pain but not as bad as I expected this morning.

      Thanks for the push. I will take an ibuprofen before I run again – at least that distance.

  5. Careful with taking IB BEFORE a run. Not advised. Pain is telling you something and if you don’t feel it, it could be bad. Save it for after the run.

    Warm up well before runs when you are sore and fatigued. STOP running if the pain worsens during the run. Most aches and pains will dissipate on the run normally. The ones that get worse mean something.

    Don’t screw up all your hard training work by running stupid Nicki. Listen to your body. The goal is to make it to the starting line healthy so you can enjoy a successful finish.

    1. Wasn’t so sure that making it to the start line was going to happen Thursday but am feeling better today. May, even tho the training schedule says a few more miles this week, take one more rest day.

      Thanks, Steve.

  6. Ouch! I’m sorry. Every once in a while my back spasms on me and it sucks. I don’t take a lot of medicine, but I do take the ibuprofen when needed. I hope you get back up to speed (literally) soon!

    1. Thanks, Charlotte. No running at all on Friday and just four miles yesterday. Walking is not uncomfortable anymore so maybe a few miles today and then, back on the training schedule.

  7. I read this yesterday and, apparently, didn’t comment! Ooops!

    A couple years ago, I managed to injure my leg–a stress fracture. Intense, intense pain. Still, I only used Ibuprofen when I was close to tears.

    Yet, when I was pregnant with my first, I became a pill popper. Seriously. Granted, I did have an appendectomy (ouch!) and couldn’t move UNLESS I took some percocet. Then, with the after labor and nursing pains? I took the pain meds so I wouldn’t go crazy. I was already suffering with PPD.

    Now, I am better. I probably won’t pop another pill until I become pregnant again. Hah!

    I hope your hip gets better. Have you tried heating your lower back? It could be sciatica (another injury I experienced a few years ago). Just a thought (slap me if you’d like!).

    1. No slapping necessary, Amber. I haven’t tried that but may today if I decide to not run and watch Olympics all day (my choice). I have lower back issues as I sublocated my tail bone when I was – unknowingly – pregnant with #6.

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