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Gifts and Blessings

We all have them – gifts and blessings.  As we start on that clean canvas or slate that is a new year, we are looking for ways to improve what is our lives.  We make resolutions to do things differently, to make things better for us and for our friends and families.

I have read many different blog entries about what and how people are making resolutions.  Very few of these people discuss what they do have but almost all what they want to have.

I am going to suggest you should try to make a list of what you already have.  Tuck this list of gifts and blessings away with your resolutions.  Be sure they are written down so you can look back at the beginning of next month, next year and see if you have more gifts and blessings.

On top of the blogosphere being filled with these resolution posts, I received the following quote and reflection in my email.  Granted this came a few days ago but it is geared to all of us now.

Should you find yourself at a loss, wondering what life is all about and what your purpose is, be thankful. There are those who didn’t live long enough to get the opportunity to wonder.

– Unknown

And after that quote came this reflection.

You’ll probably spend some time this weekend thinking about the good things in your life and your loved ones. Before you do that, take a moment to just consider how lucky you are to be here in the first place. In the 21st century, we can experience more in a month than most people throughout history did in a lifetime. Instead of appreciating that fact, we usually just end up wanting to do and have more. We look at what’s wrong rather than what’s right. This is a perfect time to take a look at your life and priorities again. Can you make some extra time every day to just enjoy the moment and your loved ones? You’ve been given the gift of a lifetime of moments. Accept the gift and prove yourself worthy.

So accept the gift of a lifetime of moments to relish what you have and how good it is.  Look at the blessings in your life – your family, your friends.  Look at your gifts – a gifted writer, an artist, a communicator, a mother, a father.

Take some time to be thankful for what you already have as you attempt to improve your life.

What are you thankful for in your life?  Who are you thankful for in your life?  What are your personal gifts and blessings?

4 thoughts on “Gifts and Blessings

  1. Oh, Nicki, this is such a great reminder – thank you.
    It would be a good prompt, the new year, to step back and look at the bounty that is our lives. I know that I am often blinded by my own thoughts, by the squirrel that runs on a wheel in my head, so I don’t see the tremendous good fortune all around me. Well, I see it, but I take it for granted. And what a selfish waste that is. Thank you for reminding me to take a moment to think of my great blessings and gifts.

  2. Lindsey – I am so glad you liked the reminder. I, too, see but take for granted frequently.

    I am currently taking heat for granted as my fuel tank ran out with my proper attention. They are on their way with more, though. YIPPEE!! 🙂

  3. Like Lindsey, I am so thankful for this reminder. Too often lost in the conversation of change that stirs at the new year is the idea of sameness, of bounty, of having and holding. I will make it a point to spend some time today reveling in what I have and not just what I want.

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