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Twenty-five Years Ago Today

I know, who cares what happened on November 25th, 1984?  It is not a particularly important date in world history.  It is an important Sunday in my personal history.  Twenty-five years ago today I became a mother.


The day started out the same as many Sundays.  I woke up earlier than need be.  I tend to wake up before my alarm goes off to this day.  I sat in the rocking chair for a long time – the same one that now carries a load of cloths in my bedroom but that will change eventually – as my stomach hurt.  I was 23.  What was I to know about how labor would feel at the beginning?


I got up and showered.  Then, decided maybe we should go to the hospital.  I thought my water had broken.  I was to find out later that was wishful thinking.


Eddie was born during half time of some football game, approximately 2:15 in the afternoon.  I might have been in labor six hours.


Anyway, I need to bake a cake – to celebrate his birthday and to celebrate my becoming a mom.

7 thoughts on “Twenty-five Years Ago Today

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you mommy… time flies so quickly doesn’t it! A 1/4 of a century of being a mom, amazing -my eldest was born 27 years ago in June and all my 3 babies came as the result of my excitement over some sport event or other…

    Thanks for visiting my blog, love youxxxx

  2. Oh, congratulations .. I know I’ll never forget the day i became a mother – it is a passage whose echoes we feel, obviously, forever. And one that we don’t understand, I don’t think, for a long time.
    Happy, happy.

  3. Twenty-five years! How amazing. Isn’t remarkable that through the mush of memories certain days, exquisitely meaningful days, stand out and sparkle? I hope it was a wonderful day for you and your family.

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