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Mom to the College Kid

Yesterday, I went to college for the day.  This is not the first time I have played this role.  I have six children and yesterday I was visiting #5 at college.  I have done the day trip to college many times since 2003 and each time is different.


This time was made more unique by the fact that #5 is a student-athlete.  He is a diver.  I, if you follow me, made an impromptu trip to #5 in October due to a diving injury.  This trip was to watch him dive.


On top of diving, there was a team dinner and time with the coach.  It is always nice to get feedback on how your college-aged child is doing as the things he or she lets you know should not be posted online.  His diving is somewhat improved from high school.  He has, as he has with other diving coaches, a love-hate relationship with the diving coach.  More importantly, his grades are good – the coach checks these things.  And, he is hospitable.  He has hosted at least two recruits and Coach is happy with him for doing so and for doing so well.


When you look back at all the things that could go wrong or right at college, as a parent, it is nice to know that some of the values taught before #5 left home are sticking with him.

6 thoughts on “Mom to the College Kid

  1. Oh and isn’t this what I hope for? That all the things I take the time to teach and explain, that all the behaviors I try to model even, are carried with my children when they are far away from my presence? I imagine my sons in high school and college. I wonder what our conversations will be like. I envision the people they have become. I just hope I can pull it off. We are a LONG way from there….

    Oh, and Oneonta? You’re bringing me back, babe! Our father opened a law firm in Cooperstown when we were young young young, and we rented a cute white house on Church Street in Oneonta until I was in first grade. Oh the small town memories.

  2. Sarah – even when they are in high school and college – or 25 and moving home again – you are a long way from where you think you should be. I never stop wondering if I raised them right as I did the raising (my marriage ended over 12.5 years ago).

    I love Oneonta. There are several nice small cities around where I am that I could easily settle in some day but for now, I am here and here I stay, except for visits. I will look for a cute white house on Church St next week when I go to pick #5 up after diving practice.

  3. My girls are so young, so part of me can’t imagine visiting a kid in college. But then another part of me can envision making the trip, taking it all in, trying to glimpse my child in that world that bridges childhood and adulthood, nest and real world. I think it is amazing that you your child is doing well and I applaud you for taking the time to keep track here of these not so mini victories.

    Six kids? I am impressed. (Any tips on how to convince Husband to agree to four?)

  4. Ah, Aidan. The husband no longer lives with me and the kids so you may not want my advice. He hasn’t been here for over 12 years.

  5. Such a small world out there. I essentially grew up in Oneonta. (Sarah, at 6 years younger, didn’t have the same formative experiences there as I did…) Re: Church Street? #38. Corner of Walnut St. 🙂

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