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Running Gear

Thanks to Mel at She Runs Brooklyn for letting me know about a contest that is on going.  I have to say, as I have on this blog previously, I am not one of those runners who buys specialized gear.  Mel and I have that in common.

I am, though, concerned about my winter running for several reasons.  I am running a race in December and another in mid-November.  I don’t want to be too warm or too cold while running with others.  I am not talking a huge race.  Both are 5Ks but still.

I need to learn the art of layering better.  I found this out on Monday or Tuesday.  I walked out the back door to run in a short sleeved shirt and my running shorts.  I had to come back in and just happened to grab what I saw to put on as I was cold.  I put a hoodie on.  Big mistake as, number one, it is huge on me and kept creeping up in the neck and choking at me.  And, number two, I got too warm and the hoodie was a pain to keep track of.

To that end, I was looking around at Women’s Thermal Underwear and am truly impressed by the products they have.  I have to admit that I am use to have to purchase men’s thermals in sizes that truly don’t fit to go across the biggest part of my upper body.  In other words, I need thermal underwear that fits across my chest and have never had an easy time finding any suited for my figure prior to looking at this web site.

I want to be upfront.   I am blogging about his because I am hoping to win a gift certificate.  I would be happy to know Mel won the gift certificate.  I love things like this.  I am eyeing a specific piece of layering shirts that I am going to get.  It is just a question of when.

Brought to you by: WomensThermalUnderwear.com

7 thoughts on “Running Gear

  1. Several of my girlfriends and I have had great luck with the Champion line at Target. They carry some men’s gear as well that several of the girls chose over the women’s, primarily because of fit. It is very inexpensive, works nicely as a base layer, and is very comfortable. They also have inexpensive top layers.

    I have the C2 long sleeved shirt that I wear on the bottom (different colors and styles, cost between $12 and $18) and then I bought the leggings (that I wear shorts over!!) that cost about $20 for cool days and the technical fleece, made out of polyester for really cold days that cost about $20 as well. I have tried it all, as it has gotten down to 25 degrees in the mornings and all the gear was very light and wicked the moisture away from my skin so I didn’t get chilled, but it’s light enough that I didn’t overheat.

    I had quit running about 3 years ago because of the really cold temps and the wrong gear, so this year I decided to invest in a few inexpensive pieces and try to keep running throughout the winter.

  2. @ Gary – I don’t do running to win. LOL – as I tell my g/f Noelle, I am simply trying to outrun all the heredity that is chasing after me.

    @ Jen – I have bought some of the Champion stuff at Target for my son who bikes all year. I will have to check it all out. And, I registered for Seneca Falls. Am going to try to run in Interlaken on Nov 14 but not 100% on that one yet.

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