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The Greater Ithaca Art Trail

I spent a majority of today on The Greater Ithaca Art Trail.  This weekend and next weekend – October 10/11 and October 17/18 – 53 different art studios will open their doors to the public.


I strategically planned my day but wish I had more hours.  I started my day in Groton, NY at Thou Art Gallerage.  Nancy is amazing, as is her art.  She also have several other artists’ works on display and for sale.  She says there is an exhibit coming up of Steve Gallow’s photography in December.  I cannot wait for the date as I will be up – unless I am snowed in.

I, then, took some time out from my gallery hopping.  I know I had just started but it is not often I am in Groton and I went to visit friends.  Thanks so much to Steve and Polly Codner for putting up with me and for lunch.

I continued on the Art Trail to Gary Rith Pottery.  In case you don’t know, it is the purple house on NYS Route 366 in Etna.  I will be back before the holidays, Gary, as I am thinking my mom needs a teapot set.

I had my son’s GPS with me today so I left Gary’s and put in the address for Stephanie Levy.  She is in The Federal House, a bed and breakfast, in Lansing.  Stephanie and her husband run the bed and breakfast.  Her jewelry is amazing and very beautiful.  I saw a watch there that I loved.

A quick aside, as I was walking into The Federal House, I saw a brochure for Knock on Wood.  Unfortunately, there is no web site on their business card – just a phone number (607.277.1763) and email address (  They now make beautiful wooden jewelry boxes.  If you are looking for one, please give them a call or email for details.  My interest in Knock on Wood is that I was given a cutting board from them at my wedding 25 years ago.

Also, another aside about The Federal House, there is a park just down the road.  I actually parked there as it was good to stretch my legs.  At the back of the park is a beautiful waterfall.


I left Lansing and headed into Ithaca proper.  I was heading to Kitschen Sink at 210 Elmira Road.   You can contact Liz, the owner, or as her business cards say “chief cook and bottle washer,” at 277.4914.  She does wonderful paintings and multimedia art.  She also has other artists’ work on display in her studio.


I do apologize for not getting more pictures as I was going around today.  My camera, as I was explaining to Gary, took a trip to Niagara Falls this weekend without me.  I should have asked to borrow Steve’s for the weekend.  Oh well, next time!

Thanks to all the artists who participate in the Greater Ithaca Art Trail.  I wish I could have seen more of you today.  Special thanks to those of you I met today.  Know that I will remember what you do and will tell others about you.

5 thoughts on “The Greater Ithaca Art Trail

  1. Hi. I am the administrator of the art trail!! Thanks for visiting artists. It is next weekend as well. check out the website, I also went to 8 studios last weekend. I always have a great time. I’m already familiar with everyone’s work, but love to see where they create it and how they create it!

  2. @Laura – I will have to remember the piggy bank next time someone has a baby.

    @ Gary – we seem to know a lot of the same people, although some I have never met.

    @ Robin – thanks for stopping by. I love the Art Trail. Unfortunately, I am out of town this coming weekend. I do have a few friends, though, that are going to check it out.

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