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Vroom, Vroom – A Product Review

No, I have not been out test driving new cars, though that is a possibility.  I have been very busy with my fifth child’s high school graduation and then the big party so what have I been test driving – a new type of vacuum cleaner!  You all will love it!!

The Vroom Solo is produced by H-P Products which is the parent company for two different brands of central vacuuming systems.  I agreed to test it based on the reputation of these brands but know that Vroom Solo is going to become a brand name that everyone associates with vacuuming.

The Vroom Solo is meant to go in a cupboard so there is some installation required.  This was probably my biggest issue as I don’t own my home so the installation was not an easy one as there is some minor modifications recommended in the installation.  After some discussions with the company, I managed to put my unit outside a cupboard.  It is working great and I would have a pic of it but my camera isn’t working.  Look for one to be added at a later date.

While getting ready for graduation, there were a lot of things going on and there were a ton of little messes – not to mention all the grass that was tracked in during the party.  I never once had to wonder how long it was going to take me to drag the upright out of the closet and find an available outlet.  I never once had to wonder where I left the broom.  I just went to the side of the cupboard and started the Vroom Solo.  The hose is 24 feet long so I didn’t have to worry about not being able to reach.  I just vroomed up the messes.  I don’t know if I have ever had as easy a clean up.

One of the biggest issues in my house is storage.  There are two closets on the first floor and one on the second floor.  There is a room I affectionately call the laundry room where I can tuck some stuff but my garage is my only storage area.  Many are the times when company is coming and I have to put the upright in the garage for storage.  When a problem happens or mud is tracked in, I am hauling out to the garage to get the upright.  Not anymore!  I am going over, next to my cabinet and getting the Vroom hose.  It is so much easier than the upright.

I want to mention that you can all go over to Vroom Your Room and register for the chance to win a Vroom Solo.

I am going to be putting the Vroom Solo through some additional “testing” as my life goes on this summer.  Look for updates as to how well it holds up to a Conroy Summer.

2 thoughts on “Vroom, Vroom – A Product Review

  1. Hmm. I wonder if 24 ft would get my whole main floor? Not sure about that. But I would appreciate anything that makes vacuuming easier. I actually like to vacuum, but dislike dragging out the vacuum. My last house has a central vac but the hose was so long it was kind of a hassle, too. Interesting concept.

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