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“1776” at The Cider Mill Playhouse

I have found memories of going to The Cider Mill Playhouse as a child to see Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”  The setting is one that most children knew from the field trip to watch the cider being pressed.  The performance, while peppered with local talent, may have a star in it – or, as likely, a friend.

Last night, I took my 14 year old son and my mother to The Cider Mill Playhouse.  We saw Sherman Edwards’ “1776.”  While the show ran about three hours with intermission, it was rivetting.


Last night, the first night of the production’s final weekend, was a full house.  There may have been a seat here or there but it was full.  The cast was amazing.  I cannot imagine where all those male voices were found as they all song wonderfully.

My mother, who lives outside of Palm Springs, was impressed with the production.  She said it was wonderful considering it was being done in Endicott.  Yes, she did use to live here.  My son was enthralled the entire time.

I truly recommend that you all stop by The Cider Mill Playhouse – if not between now and Sunday – for a performance soon.

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