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2010 Elections Are Here

So I spent a wonderful morning with “the girls” from Binghamton.MomsLikeMe.com.  I come home to an inbox that is full, writing to be done and a new, re-designed web site announcement from Tom Suozzi.  For those of you who do not live on Long Island, or for that matter in New York State at all, Tom Suozzi is county executive of Nassau County, New York.  Before Suozzi took office, Nassau had the distinction of being named the worst run county in the nation in 2002.  Suozzi has brought the county back from the brink.


I am not thinking the web site is exactly what is  needed for a re-election campaign for Nassau County Executive.  Suozzi, with his social media links and his newly designed site, is vying for a different position in NYS.  He is eyeing a run at governor of New York.  


While I would literally say that I didn’t think there was a politician out there who would want to run for governor next year, I could be wrong.  The current office holder, David A Paterson, is going to attempt to fun on his own.  He was not elected governor but became governor upon Eliot Spitzer’s resignation.  There are others out there looking at the position, also.  You can see the posturing.  The problem is the financial landscape that would be inherited by any new governor.  Few would want the problems.  Even fewer would want the difficult decisions that need to be made.


Suozzi may be the one person who would want to be governor and who has a proven record of turning around dysfunctional governments.  Suozzi is also not afraid to take some of the pain on himself, having just cut his own salary by seven percent.


Anyway, if you are interested, Tom Suozzi has a new, re-designed web site.  Check it out at http://www.tomsuozzi.com/content/home/

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