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Middle School Science Olympiad Regional Competition

Here are the “guts” from a press release I sent out this morning.  Thought you all might want to come out and see.


25 February 2009
Contact:        Nicki Conroy, Southern Tier Regional Coordinator, Division B, NYS Science Olympiad
Middle school teams from across the Southern Tier will gather for the Science Olympiad Southern Tier Regional competition on Saturday, February 28, 2009 at the Maine-Endwell Senior High.  Schools currently registered include Binghamton West Middle School, Johnson City Middle School, Maine-Endwell Middle School, Chenango Forks Middle School, Horseheads Middle School, and St. John The Evangelist.  The competition will run from 9:00 am to 2:00pm, with awards beginning at approximately 2:30 pm.
The awards ceremony is in the auditorium at the Maine-Endwell Senior High.  These ceremonies,which include medals for individual places in events and overall team placement, will begin at 2:30 pm and last approximately one hour.  This ceremony culminates in the naming of teams from the region who will move on to compete in the New York State competition at SUNY-New Paltz on April 17-18, 2009.
The regional competition is patterned after athletic competitions.  Individuals and teams will compete in events such as Car of Tomorrow, Sumo-Bots,  Robo-Cross, Trajectory, and Tower Building which are spectator events, as well as knowledge events that cover topics from the science areas of physics, chemistry, life sciences and earth sciences whcih are not spectator events. 
The Science Olympiad is a national, non-profit organization designed to promote scientific literacy among all students, a goal shared by education, business, industry and government.
The current national president of the Science Olympiad is Dr. Gerard J. Putz.
The Southern Tier Regional, Division B tournament director is Nicki Conroy.

Maps of the competition site are available from Ms. Conroy.  Headquarters on the day of the event are located in the library of the Maine-Endwell Senior High.  Ms. Conroy can be reached the day of the event via mobile phone.

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