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Historic Inauguration

I am going to be upfront at the start of this post.  I am not a registered Republican.  I am not a registered Independent.  I am a registered Democrat.  I have, only once in my voting life, voted for a Democrat for president of the United States.  I do not look at party affiliation when voting but at stance on issues.

Yes, I have a son – one who is somehow a diehard conservative, particularly in terms of fiscal policy – who is in Washington, DC today for the inauguration.  He and approximately 70 people from his school – students and teachers – went down yesterday to experience the inauguration.

I don’t get it.  Yes, I have CNN on in the background.  Yes, I am buying into the “watching history” aspect of the inauguration.  That is where it stops.  I am appalled at the money – even though it is largely donated monies – being spent on this event.  I am appalled at the coverage of this inauguration over others in the past that I recall.  I am just appalled that, in a country that is going down fast, anyone – including a soon-to-be new president – could think that this type of a show is a good idea.  The only good point about this inauguration is that it pumps cash into the economy quickly as opposed the almost 1trillion dollar economic stimulus plan that Obama is pushing.

One thought on “Historic Inauguration

  1. Ah, Miss Nicki. I am not sure what to say or think.

    Having lived in the Metro area most of my life, I have watched all Inaugurations with a perverted interest.

    I love the pomp and the tradition. I get a kick out of comparing one to another. I have always wanted to attend, but have never wanted to deal with the hassle and the cold. That conflict rages every four years.

    I am also appalled at the expense. Privately funded or not, and there is always a huge cost to tax payers – direct and indirect. You and I just paid for federal workers in DC and 5 surrounding counties to use a Federal holiday today. As we do for every Inauguration.

    Just once, I would love to see a President Elect say, “Ok, we will have a swearing in and a parade. I will host one ball. The rest of the funds will be used for the common good.”

    I don’t care if they pump it into the Treasury, fill the pantries of soup kitchens, or invest it in one of their promised programs. It has grown out of hand.

    On the other hand, as a local resident, I appreciate the good, however limited, it does for the local economy. Even though it is not a lasting fix.

    I am not a reliable judge of the coverage. Because our local news is DC news, we are always subjected to a barrage.

    I do hope your son enjoyed his visit. It is a wonderful city. Inaugurations are incredible traditions. And while I have never attended the Inaugural celebrations, I have been fortunate enough to have “been there” for other historic events, and I can promise you he will always remember being a part of history.

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