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Are you Healthy?

I am not concerned about your diet or your exercise.  I am not concerned about your overall health.  I am, though, wondering how many times a “cold and flu” season you get sick.  Do you routinely get the vaccines you need to keep yourself more healthy than if you didn’t get them?


Today, I was reading an article on WebMD.com.  The title – “Secrets of Super-Healthy People” – says it all.  The article discusses eleven items that help those who never seem to get sick stay healthy.  Please visit the article and read it in detail but below, just for you, are the eleven items.

  1. Training for your body
  2. Pay attention to your mouth
  3. An oldie but a goodie – An apple a day really works
  4. Conquer stress
  5. Up your vitamin intake
  6. Mind over body
  7. Meditate
  8. Increase your socail ties
  9. Accentuate the positive
  10. Wash your hands often
  11. Get your zzz’s

The devil, as they say is in the details so hop over to WebMD and read the entire article.

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