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What do you want?

I am going to try a new tactic.  I am looking to figure out what I want to hear from the two candidates in tomorrow night’s final presidential debate.  The topic is domestic policy but I have to tell you all right up front – I am sick of hearing about the economy.  I live in the economy.  I don’t fly all over on other people’s money – yes, campaign contributions pay for those planes and flights so it is someone else’s dime.  I don’t make the salary of a US Senator but hardly ever go to work. 

I want to hear about the candidates’ other domestic policies. 

I want to hear both candidates espouse their views on education – starting with the current No Child Left Behind.  I want to hear both opinions on what can be done to fix NCLB and what new items should be looked at for education in the US to prosper.  I have looked at both candidates’ websites and do not find any specifics listed in this area.  I want to know where the money for all these educational initiatives is going to come from in our new economy. 

I want to know why the Obama/Biden ticket has called for “a bold goal to increase students taking AP or college-level classes nationwide 50 percent by 2016.”  I find that this goal is not a necessity.  It is, in some cases, a waste of parental money when the student gets to college even.  I also don’t believe you can push students to leave their high school days behind by law.   

I want to know why the McCain/Palin ticket feels that parents should be able to choose where their children go to school.  What is wrong with being in school with those you live near?  Isn’t developing a sense of community as important as education?  And, when a particular “popular” school becomes overwhelmed with those who want “in,” is either McCain or Palin going to referee the fight by parents to be sure their child is on the list?  Do not laugh.  These things will happen in this particular type of a system.

I want to hear about Homeland Security.  I want to know what steps are going to be taken to make sure that our homeland isn’t attacked again.  As at least one candidate has said, “they” are watching us.  I blogged about the similarities of pre-2001 attacks on Americans abroad last month and then the biggest attack on our homeland since Pearl Harbor and current situations.  This is a huge issue for me as both an American and a parent.  I want to know that this country will be safe under either administration.  I realize that homeland security is a tricky business.  You cannot just put a whole plan on the internet for all to see.  I would, though, like to be assured that both candidates realize this is still a huge issue that is basically being ignored.

I want to hear about immigration.  One of my oldest daughter’s best friends at college has recently become a border patrol member.  I know that the training he has undergone is intensive – without details – and he has worked hard to work for his country.  I want to know where both candidates stand on immigration.  What are they going to do about our northern and southern borders?  What are they going to do about the 12 million illegal immigrants already in our country?  I know there is no perfect answer to these questions but I want to hear the candidates talking about them anyway and with specifics.

The debate is only an hour and a half but there are other issues I would love to cram into it.  I want to hear plans on energy with specific details.  I want to hear what each plans to do about poverty here – and, what we should have heard about in another debate, abroad.  I want to hear agriculture and the judicial appointments that will most surely come in the first term of this new administration.  I seriously want to hear about everything that has to do with our country but the economy.

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