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Health Update

I left the greater Binghamton area about 4 on Tuesday as Andy had been admitted to Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital.  All the 17 year old could say was, “that’s where they took Kevin Everett, Mom.”  By the time I traversed NYS to suburban Buffalo, the surgery was done and Andy was in recovery.

Thankfully, his twin sister goes to school very close to him and is also working at university for the summer.  She spent the day with her brother, even though the two generally do not acknowledge each other.  She went with him to his CT scan and then drove him immediately to the ER as he was told to do.

Surgery, according to the doctor, went perfectly.  The patient is back in his third floor apartment and snoozing as I type.  He thinks he wants to go into work today for a bit so I will play chauffeur as I don’t think his legs move fast enough yet to play with gas and brake pedals.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts.  Hopefully, in a few weeks, he will feel good as new.

One thought on “Health Update

  1. Relieved to hear he is recouping, and laughing at the twins bare acknowledgment. I had wondered about appendicitis when you first wrote about it. Not fun, and odd that the symptoms are not always what we have learned to expect – I remember thinking, “It can’t be labor, I know I’m not pregnant.”

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