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Buffalo-Niagara Frontier – A Vacation Destination

I admit it.  The Buffalo-Niagara Frontier is not where I would come to vacation during a beautiful week in July.  I am here as “mother” since my 21 year old had acute appendicitis.  I come to this area frequently – as in four or five times a year for the last three or four years.  I have twins in two different colleges in the area.

The area is full of wonderful family things to do.  I have wonderful memories of Martin’s Fantasy Island as a child.  It is still there on Grand Island.  I have not been recently but there is still lots of time for that.  Maybe not this visit but there is the next.

This weekend, starting today, the Bass Pro series is holding a small mouth bass fishing tour stop – is that what it is really called? – in the water surrounding Buffalo.  The harbor area is gorgeous, although somewhat rundown when you are on land near it.  Evidently, water spouts have been commonplace on Lake Erie this summer.  Not a tourist item but for a science geek, things like this amaze me.

If you want the big tourist trip, be sure to go to one of NY’s oldest, or maybe the oldest, state parks.  Niagara Falls State Park includes the general US side of the falls.  It is a wonderful area for families.   There is a trolley ride through the park or you can walk.  There is an observation deck to be able to get up and above the gorge and check the falls out from there.  You can also take the Maid of the Mist and see the falls up close.  I have a ton of pics from all angles of Niagara Falls.

If you are more into history, there are several old forts around the area that are here for the viewing and visiting.  I have those on my list for a late October visit this fall.

Today, the sun is out and the recouping 21 year old needs to move around a bit to not get stiff.  We may walk around campus a bit.

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