Social media! There are many more platforms than those three in my title but all I can say is oh my! My latest catch is odd hashtags – odd as in innuendo-based – for corporate accounts.

I opened Twitter this morning to see the hashtag #itsOKtoswallow on a company’s tweet. While I understand the use of the hashtag for this particular item, I find the innuendo behind it to turn me off from the product. Even better is the fact that the product already had a good hashtag going. Why the sudden change?

Then, as I catching an episode of The Rachel Ray Show – I run with the TV on when I run inside, I catch a commercial with the hashtag #GetNaked. Great except that the commercial is for shampoo and conditioner that has no dyes, perfumes, etc. Again, eye catching but is it necessary?

I have a degree in marketing so I know that sex sells. What I do not understand is why some brands venture into this particular area to boost sales. I know I just explained it as boosting sales is what it is all about but I have to state that neither of these hashtags – while,  yes, they have stuck with me but mostly because I wanted to write about them – have me wanted to run out and purchase the products. As a matter of fact, I have just the opposite reaction. I want to avoid the products at all costs.

What do you think? Would you buy an energy item – I want to use the word supplement but it is not a supplement –  that used the hashtag #itsOKtoswallow? What about shampoo with the hashtag #GetNaked?