Yeah, I know. Fancy title. Well, truth is I have been injured most of this summer. Summer is my favorite time to run. First, let me be clear that the injury was minor but painful. I have birthed six children so have a fairly good pain threshold. Also, the injury was totally preventable. I needed to buy new shoes between marathons in May. I didn’t and I paid for it by being injured off and on all of June and July. I am only now starting to run without pain.


Summer is my favorite time to get out and sweat. There are almost constant groups and I love the social aspect of running. I normally average between 150 and 200 miles a month. Okay, I have never hit 200 but 194 in August of 2010. This has not happened in June, July or August of 2012. June 2012 was the lowest mileage I have ever run in a month since beginning – 31 miles. Slightly better times in July as I ran 65 miles. I also starting biking to get in some cross training. I am hoping, despite kids going off to college and one wedding, that August will be back above 100 miles but know that will not happen. I may break 65 but will not break 100.


This has been messing with my mind almost as much as my endurance and pace. I have had to not go to races I want to run. I have had to rethink a lot. I need to get back to what I have been doing but need to get over that psychological mess.


Any ideas as to how to get it all back?

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