The to-do list for today keeps growing but the hours in the day seem to be diminishing with every step.

Laundry. Get it done. Youngest has to pack tonight for three day Skills USA competition. Guess it doesn’t matter if I have clean clothes as long as he does.

Iron! I hate to iron. Again, youngest needs his dress shirts ironed. They are brand new, fresh out of the package a couple weeks ago. Some wrinkles have left but not all. I know he could iron them but I will get it all ironed so he can pack and then iron them himself when he gets to the hotel tomorrow night.

Run! I am 12 days from marathon #3 and the first of two in May. I need to run. I blew off Sunday’s short four miles but cannot flake on the training now.

Write! I need to get some writing done. I am writing now but this is not the writing I need to finish. I need to get done the writing for other things like paid work.

Mornings are getting hectic here. I was awoken by the sound of some DVD being blared from the laundry room. My 25 year old was on the elliptical before substituting for the day. Soon, the shower was going. The 27 year old was trying to beat his younger sibling into the hot water. Coffee is all that was on my mind.

Need to move. Need to iron. Need to run. Need to do dishes. When will there be enough time?

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