I wish I had been in the taking photos mood.  I did head to the race location early with photos in mind but decided to forego the photos as soon as I realized I had missed calls from home on the drive, the 20 minute drive, to the race site.  I have posted many times, since the summer of 2009 and my 30th high school reunion, about going home.  This race was to support the Tioga County Boys’ and Girls’ Club which is in my hometown of Owego, New York.  On top of supporting a great cause, I could choose between a 5K and a 10K distance.  Let me just say, in advance, I had had my heart set on running the Leaf Peeper Half Marathon on this date but an injury to my hand prevented it.  No, I don’t run on my hands but the throbbing that running causes prevented running 13.1 miles.  Consequently, I ran the 5K in Owego.


The 10K course took runners out of the Hickories Park and into town.  They then crossed the bridge at Front Street heading over to NYS Route 434.  Front Street is on the north side of the Susquehanna River and Route 434 is on the south side.  The 10K course went up to the eastern end of town and crossed the bridge near Lockheed Martin and back into the park.  I may go down some day and run this but for right now am happy I chose to run the 5K yesterday.


The 5K run stayed totally in the Hickories Park.  Yes, some of it was on grass.  Some of it was on unpaved road.  It was a combination of surfaces.  I thought it was a great course, though my Forerunner – yes, I cannot seem to run without it now I have one – told me it was 3.27 miles, not the 3.1 a 5K should be.  I did look at my time at 5K and it was a PR.  I was not unhappy with the course or with the different surfaces.  I love the area that the race took!  I loved running along the Susquehanna River.  I have memories of this park as a child.  While I also have memories of the 10K route, I am glad I ran this route and that it brought back memories.


The race was made extra special by seeing friends.  These friends were old friends – classmates from high school that I do not see all that often, new friends – those I usually only see at races.  It was a wonderful run with all these people!!  Hope we do not have to wait until the next race to see each other.

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