I love having actual conversations with the people who leave comments on my blog.  I have been known to go back to blogs I comment on and continue the discussion with those writers.  See a pattern here?  I like to discuss, converse about, dissect with others –  about almost topic.

So I am suddenly looking at the number of comments on my blog differently.  All almost 2,500 of them have not been made by the visitors to my virtual home.  A good portion of them have been written by me.  I like that but then came Momalom.com’s second Five for Ten challenge.

Then comes the realization that I cannot keep up with the blog reading, let alone the comments on others’ sites or the conversations on my own.  So, as a sort of apology, I want to thank you all for reading what I have been writing recently.  AND, I want to tell you all I am still reading Five For Ten posts.  I have been overwhelmed by comments and blogs and just lost.

I needed to take some time to recharge.  My mind was in overdrive and I couldn’t get it back where it was going a reasonable speed.  I had so many things going on in life and in virtureal life – Thanks for that word, Aidan – that I would open up to write and just stare at the blank screen.

I have found a wonderful way to recharge – just leave it all behind.  I took some great day trips, read some good and not so good books, saw a movie at midnight.  Life is getting back to normal and so will my blog this week.

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