A week or so ago, I was out on a run.  It was just a normal run on one of my normal routes.  I have about 15 routes that I run locally near my home.  Some are more hilly than others but most are average in elevation changes.

As I was starting out, I was thinking how easy the first few hundred meters are.  Then, I get this dragging feeling.  I never really hit my stride, the one I wish I had all run, until after mile three.  Once mile two gets there, I start noticing a better groove.  One foot in front of the other seems to go quicker.

Funnier – to me anyway – than all of that is I start thinking I am going too slow.  Having never run until just under three years ago, I am not sure this is normal or not.  These runs when I think I am slow usually end up being my faster paces.

So for all you runners out there – do you find you can’t hit your stride til mid-run?  For you non-runners, does something similar apply to life – finally figuring out how to live at mid-life?

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