Do I have you all singing that Carly Simon song?  I know.  That dates me.  I loved the song “Anticipation” as a teen.  But no, I am not writing all about Carly Simon, or any other song writer, today.  I am hear to tell you all what I am eager anticipating the start of on Monday, May 10.

Last fall I “met” – as my daughter always says, and by met I mean started reading – a wonderful group of people.  You may ask how I did this as I do not spend a lot of time looking for new blogs to read.  I do, though, have a rather full reader.

I met all these great writers/bloggers/mothers for the most part through’s Five for Ten.  I even have the tee shirt to prove it – which, ladies, I love!!!

Well, the lovely sisters are at it again and are starting a brand new Five for Ten this coming Monday.  This new Five for Ten is bringing it with it a  new set of rules.  There are 50 bloggers set to participate in writing and reading about five topics over the ten days that start with May 10th.

Go visit Jen and Sarah through the links above and find out what Five for Ten is all about.  Then, come back and join us starting Monday.  Be like me!  Anticipation!!!!

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