This past weekend the weather cooperated to have a beautiful Sunday for running.  Sunday was the date of my April race.  Remember that goal I set to run a race a month?  I am now into April and have run one in February, March and April.  I ran my second half marathon on Sunday - the Skunk Cabbage Classic in Ithaca, New York.

When I head to Ithaca, I tend to head to South Hill – Ithaca College area – or downtown or the lake.  It has been a while since I was on the East Hill – Cornell University area – for anything other than Happy Hour in lower Collegetown.  Yesterday, I never even went down into the city.  I headed right past the plantations and onto Cornell’s campus for the Skunk Cabbage.

While this was a great race and I cut three minutes off my personal best for this distance, I finished dead last.  I am okay with that.  I know I passed at least two other people who never came back by me so I am presuming they didn’t finish.  Once again, there were some awesome lessons learned that will help with my next run.

Lessons Learned

Time Between Races

One lesson that I am teetering on is running this distance back-to-back.  I am truly hesitant about running the Mountain Goat in three weeks but I have three weeks to decide on that issue.  And, the Mountain Goat is only ten miles.  I actually had someone tell me yesterday that the Skunk Cabbage is a harder course than the Mountain Goat.

Asthma Still an Issue

I had a smaller, but still had one, asthma attack somewhere around mile ten.  This is the same distance that the one hit me in the first half I ran.  I am unsure what it is about mile ten.  I do long runs in training.  I admit usually they are done at a slower pace but I do them and do not have these issues.  I am figuring the cold air during the March race made the attack slightly more severe than yesterday’s.  Breathing yesterday was an issue with all the pollen and pollenating “stuff.”

Running Partners

I do better when I have someone to run with.  I hooked up with two women in my first race.  I did run with a couple of women in this one but did not stay with them the whole way.  I run better when with someone.  Everyone who runs has told me this before so why is it taking me so long to figure it out.


Sleep is so important.  I was amazed at how I slept through things I wanted to see on television at the hotel the night before my first race.  Unfortunately for my sleep but fortunately for my wallet, Ithaca is just a quick drive so I stayed home the night before.  Problem is my sleeping was not a priority of my oldest who managed to get rip-roaring – I feel a talk coming on that he is an adult now, not a teenaged college student – drunk.  When he got home, he woke me up and kept me awake for several hours.  I do manage much better when I sleep better the night before.

Goals for Upcoming Weeks

For the next few weeks – whether I end up running the Mountain Goat or not – I am going to work some strength training and some speed work into my weeks.  I am also going to spend some concentrated time and effort on my diet.

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