I have always felt like I needed a commercial driver’s license.  It has been better lately as I have other licensed drivers at my home so I have not been doing the majority of “carting #6 around.”  He doesn’t mind if his older sister or one of his older brothers picks him up as long as he gets to go.

Wednesday evening ended up being a night that I was the only driver available to cart around #6.  He was heading to Johnson City to a friend’s 18th birthday party.  Yes, #6 is only 15 but he and Natasia have been friends for a few years.  To top that off, the new girlfriend was not going to the party so I was surprised but happy that #6 had chosen to help Natasia celebrate.  So the round trip to drop him off at the party was 11.54 miles.

Once home, I had to go out to the Masonic Temple in Maine to pick up #6’s Scout popcorn order.  That adds another ten miles to the driving around so I am now up to 21.54 miles.  I do not get to go home and have popcorn.  I have to go pick up #6 from the party as he has to be at church for a rehearsal.  Seems that at Confirmation rehearsal about a month ago he signed up to have his feet washed on Holy Thursday.  So, it takes 9.74 miles to get #6 and get him to the church.

Just to make my night, the sun was starting to set as we got to the top of the hill to go to the church.  Pictures are below.  In the process of waiting at the church for #6, I was asked to help with the setting of the table on Holy Thursday.

So, other than getting to see  a great sunset, I have put just over 40 miles on the car driving in circles as I pull in the driveway at approximately 8:30 pm.  No school on Thursday so the party goes until 11 so there is still a round trip to pick up #6.  The night ended at approximately 11:20 pm – a good two hours past when I would normally get in bed – with another 11.54 miles put on the car for a total night of 52.06 miles.

Thank heavens there is only one to cart around anymore.

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