A Love List to My Life

Between Kelly Diels‘s Operation Secret Valentine, Momalom‘s Love It Up Challenge, a post on How to Write a Love List at Em and Lo‘s and Big Little Wolf‘s suggestions for celebrating V Day on a budget, I am again thinking about love and today about my life.  So, here is my love list to my life.

  • I love the mounds of laundry – both dirty and clean – as they mean we have clothing to wear.
  • I love my kitchen sink full of dishes I should wash as it means we have had food to eat.
  • I love the snow outside as it makes the sunlight look twice as bright.
  • I love running in the cold as it makes me feel alive – actually, any running makes me feel alive.
  • I love that #5 took classwork with him to the conference championships.  He is finally becoming a student.
  • I love that #6 is taking the reigns in what he thinks he wants to do later in life.
  • I love a particular good friend as I know life is not easy but this friend is making the best of it.
  • I love that #3 has a great feeling about her Teach for America interview that was on Monday.
  • I love that #1’s car only needs a new water pump as it could be much worse.
  • I love that I got to see #2 yesterday, even if just briefly.
  • I love that #4 is all set to move after she graduates this spring and is continuing her education.
  • I love my family – regardless of how much I complain about them.
  • I love God – as He has made this life so possible.
  • I love my life.  The ups and downs are annoying but without the valleys, the heights would not seem high.

26 thoughts on “A Love List to My Life

  1. I love your attitude Nicki – I can tell you’re a glass is full kind of gal, and it makes me smile. I’m hoping some of your attitude is contagious…

    • I will send you some brownies made with glass full stuff, Corinne. Except, the only brownies around here lately have been made by #6.

  2. What a wonderful list! And, as Corinne says, a positive attitude! I think sitting down and reflecting on the things we love in our lives, little and big, is a really productive exercise.
    Thank you for sharing yours.

    • LOL, TKW! Not sure I love laundry that much – as evidenced by the last load I did still being in the dryer and that wasn’t yesterday…

    • Believe it or not, I have a gratitude journal, Charlotte. It came from reading – several times – a book with daily entries call “Simple Abundance.” I write down five things at the end of each day that I am grateful for.

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  4. This is an awesome list! Counting those blessings helps us see all the love that is around us every day, not just on Valentine’s!


    • Thanks so much for coming by and reading. I worry that culture makes so much out of love – the ideally romantic type that Valentine’s Day is “suppose” to be about – that we forget the simple things that we should love.

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