The letter below is inspired by the women at  They come up with some of the best ideas for blog posts.  This blog challenge is to write a love letter to a person, to a thing, to the world and share it on your own blog or on their blog if you need to.  You can read the details of the challenge by clicking the graphic to the left.

Dear Father Clarence,

I have been writing this letter in my head since Holy Week last year.  I have always, since becoming a Catholic 27 years ago, always attended services throughout the Triduum.  The homily you gave on Holy Thursday last year moved me in ways a homily had not in years, probably since I was in college.  The changes you made to the celebration of the first Eucharist made the entire Mass a true celebration of the way Christ had treated his disciples.

Throughout the past year, I have walked out of Mass and thought I should go tell Father how I could relate to what he was saying in the homily.  Have I?  No, I have been remiss.  I have gone home and told others – friends who may or may not be Catholic – how I wished they had been there.  I was sure that you were talking to them, to me, addressing the problems in all our lives.  I still, to this day, think that you are talking to me.

I feel horrible that I have let all this time go without telling you that I do love your words.  I feel like I get so much more out of Mass in the last year or so than I have since I was in West Virginia.



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