The time of year has come to turn the page, put up a new calendar and decide how you are going to change your life in the new year, the new decade.  This time of year means that I am again going to explain why I write down aspirations, not resolutions.

Resolution is defined as a determination or determining a course of action.  This is truly what people should do with New Year’s resolutions but most do not.  Most write down some statements and never determine a course of action for making these items happen.  Resolve, also in my mind, has a much stronger force behind it.  To me, and it may be because of my political background, a resolution is a must.  Why would someone set up for failure by making a resolution with no plan on how to do it?

Aspirations are defined as strong longings, desires or aims.  To aspire to something generally presents an air of want.  Very few people want to work out daily and lose weight.  Yet, many resolve to do just that at the start of each new year.  If someone aspired to lose weight, the longing would take over and the chances of success may be higher.

In the end, the difference between making new year’s resolutions and making new year’s aspirations is just word play.  The same thing happens.  I write down goals for the upcoming year.  Nowhere in the definition of resolution do I see the word goal so until I find out why they are called resolutions, I will continue to make a list of my aspirations for the new year.

I previously wrote about Aspirations versus Resolutions.

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