A couple years back, I had a share in a CSA – Community Support Agriculture – which I loved.  You can find entries on it by searching CSA here at my blog.  It was a one year experience which I am still trying to repeat.  I seem to have issues finding another farm that wanted or had shares available but I have taken that issue into my own hands this summer.

Since I rent, I don’t want to dig up someone else’s property.  I suppose if this year goes well I may discuss this with my landlord next year.  I have a small container garden.  I am the only one in my family that loves tomatoes so not too many of those and squash and swiss chard – a find from my 2007 CSA – and two herbs – peppermint and basil.  Like I said, small, but I am loving it.

My garden is coming along and here are recent pictures of the plants.

Now be gentle, all.  Realize that we had a hard frost the first week of June.  I live in a growing area where, well, weather makes the growing season short.

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